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torrents why you re not seeding uploading turbofuture - having trouble seeding on a tracker site read on for a step by step guide with links to how to get connectible on torrentleech and solve your seeding or, if you re not pissing someone off you probably aren t - march 5 2014 if you re not pissing someone off you probably aren t doing anything important 252k shares share on facebook share on twitter meaningful, youre toast addicting games - youre toast hey toasty there is a giant monster trying to eat you run like toast jump the gaps and pop into a toaster for a little boost grab teh peanuts and, how facebook tracks you even when not on facebook - we re so glad to have you as a member you now have access to benefits that can help you choose right be safe and stay informed, merlin x reader you re safe requests are closed - merlin x reader you re safe i don t own bbc s merlin other than that enjoy when you came to your head was spinning and your arms were aching you looked, think you re pregnant national abortion federation - if you have just had unprotected sex you may not yet be pregnant emergency contraception is not abortion but taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex can prevent, youre toast 2 addicting games - youre toast 2 lots of hungry critters are looking for a toasty snack how long can you stay on the run and out of their mouths gather peanut butter and jelly power, you re dumb if you re not thinking about buying property - aussies are confused about a safe use of their money compared to a wise use of it this explains why they can have wealth issues in retirement you re, landmarks you re not allowed to photograph diy photography - ten famous landmarks that you re not allowed to photograph for commercial use a list of 10 of the worlds best known famous landmarks that are copyrighted, not eating enough 8 signs that show you are under eating - i hate spam too your email is safe with me by signing up you agree to our privacy policy, he s broke you re not vicki larson s omg chronicles - the good men project recently pondered what s a man without money that s a good question i ve never been one to focus on money my own or someone else s, how to report a crime british transport police - please feel free to approach one of our police officers or any member of rail or tube staff if you have been a victim of or have witnessed a crime, the emergency codes you re not supposed to know about - from cruise ship alerts to london underground announcements these are the coded messages you re not supposed to understand, 5 signs you re not the only one she s sleeping with - if you care you re making one of two mistakes or both 1 you think you re special you re not you re a pissing shitting human being like every other, hamilton x reader you re safe now i ve got you george - you re safe now i ve got you george washington x reader this one gets a bit real there s a big emphasis on war ptsd and trauma if those are sensitive, the 10 coolest places you re not allowed to visit mental - our spectacular planet has so many wonders to explore however there are some places that are just too dangerous too protected or maybe too special to, how to cook lunchmeat when you re pregnant livestrong com - cold lunch meat is just one more thing on a long list of things you re told to avoid during pregnancy processed meats such as hot dogs and lunchmeat pose, croydon safeguarding children board what to do if you re - if you suspect that a child or young person in croydon may be being abused or neglected it is vital you report your concerns so that this can be investigated, keep your home safe while you re away reader s digest - while cleaning may not seem like a priority because you re not going to be home anyway leaving a clean house will pay dividends on your return your, pregnancy complications womenshealth gov - learn about pregnancy complications and how to manage health problems that come up during pregnancy, how to not sound like a sexist jerk even if you time - a note on shoes unless they spark a full on feminist shoe movement shoes are not relevant two women running against each other or disagreeing or, 11 reasons you know you re from kansas odyssey - 11 things that every person from kansas knows to be true, how to keep snakes away fast 5 methods you re overlooking - pestwiki website aims to provide you with comprehensive pest information including professional pest pevention and control pset bite treatment and products as well, the 2 surefire ways to know if you re buying the new gmo apple - the 2 surefire ways to know if you re buying the new gmo apple since an fda label likely won t be a reality, 11 signs you re a white witch soul and spirit - are you a witch witchcraft is real and is all around us but what does it mean to be a witch how can you tell what are the signs of a witch, think your data is private because you re not on social - just because you re not on facebook or twitter doesn t mean your data is safe from the social media giants or their prying algorithms a study from the, game of thrones recap you re a virgin who can t drive - i commend each and every one of you for making it back after the utter desolation that was the battle of winterfell we re all gluttons for punishment, responsive images if you re just changing css tricks - the w3c is comprised mainly of the main browser vendors yup not only that the w3c intentionally doesn t put anything on a standards track unless browsers are, know what you re buying gov uk - 3 natural does not mean safe products that claim to be herbal or all natural can actually contain chemical ingredients each year we, lowell you re in safe hands lowell - lowell are specialists in helping people become debt free you can create an affordable payment plan to get you back on your feet or make a quick online payment, what to do if you re pulled over and arrested for dui - here s the straight story on what to do if you re pulled over and arrested for dui, 5 smart security systems to keep your home safe when you - the smart home is getting better and better and there are a number of great smart security systems to help keep it safe here are some of the best of, loneliness 5 don ts if you re lonely after loss grief - loneliness is an epidemic in today s world few people know this reality like the griever here learn what not to do when feeling lonely after a loss, 30 things you re probably wasting money on fool com - around a quarter of americans are wasting thousands in free money by not taking full advantage of a 401 k match a 2015 study found that 1 of 4 employees wasn t, why do i constantly feel hungry bt - ever had one of those days where you could eat a horse it happens to most of us at some point everything is otherwise normal but the hunger pangs just, stages of pregnancy womenshealth gov - pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks learn what happens with you and your baby during the 3 stages or trimesters, little sex mistakes you don t realize you re making - movie sex like pretty much everything in the movies is a concoction of fantasy and special effects only loosely tied to reality yet many people feel, 8 things you shouldn t do when you re running - running is a relatively easy sport you just need to put on a pair of shoes and head out of your front door right as someone who didn t grow up running, got7 reaction to you telling them you re moving kpop - got7 reaction to you telling them you re moving back to the states after you both got in a fight mark may i ask why he croaked out mark i m not happy, find a provider national abortion federation - colorado provider information special conditions in colorado patients in colorado under the age of 18 who are not emancipated must notify their parents at least 48, how to ask someone you re worried about if they re - contrary to the common belief you shouldn t talk about suicide because it plants the idea asking someone if they plan to harm themselves can help, emergency contraception morning after pill iud nhs - emergency contraception can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or if the contraception you have used has failed for example a condom has split or, if you re pro choice then you need to support the right - it s the same concept imo for women it s their body and they have the right to choose whether or not to keep the child i think the same concept