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staying healthy and safe womenshealth gov - wondering how to stay healthy and safe during pregnancy learn about food safety drinking alcohol exercise travel and more, 5 signs you re not the only one she s sleeping with - if you care you re making one of two mistakes or both 1 you think you re special you re not you re a pissing shitting human being like every other, you re not going crazy 5 sure signs you re being - 1 support v discouragement do you share your dreams and plans with your partner if not why not is your excitement about your new project or hobby met, you re not as smart as you think perils and benefits of - new research shows that most people think they re smarter than average how gender and education play a role, the relationship between body ph and disease and other - but nobody today can say that one does not know what cancer and its prime cause be on the contrary there is no disease whose prime cause is better known so that, 7 reasons you re not as successful as you could be - the difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength not a lack of knowledge but rather a lack in will feeling down about, are you an under eater 8 signs you re not eating enough - can you be gluten intolerant without having celiac disease can gluten cause symptoms not related to digestion a growing body of evidence proves that non, ig living blog ivig you re not alone - chronic illness before the diagnosis you re not crazy trust yourself while waiting for an accurate diagnosis for a rare illness doctors and even friends and, accused of cheating and you re not kim leatherdale - it is disheartening to be accused of cheating and you re not there are 5 main reasons it may be happening and 4 things you can do book coming soon, naf hotline fund national abortion federation - the rachel falls patient assistance fund helps women who would otherwise not be able to afford the abortion care they need this fund honors the many contributions, introverts you re not responsible for other people s feelings - many introverts and highly sensitive people struggle with people pleasing but we simply cannot be in charge of everyone else s emotions, foods to avoid when you re pregnant webmd - foods to avoid when you re pregnant pregnant think twice about these foods to avoid health risks for you and your baby, how to report a crime british transport police - please feel free to approach one of our police officers or any member of rail or tube staff if you have been a victim of or have witnessed a crime, you re absorbing bpa from your receipts study shows - have you ever wondered why store receipts feel ever so slightly powdery that s because most receipts are printed on thermal paper which changes, the 10 coolest places you re not allowed to visit mental - our spectacular planet has so many wonders to explore however there are some places that are just too dangerous too protected or maybe too special to, what to do when you 039 re being robbed at gun point - use your phone call the police and inform them of the intruder and give them your address do not tell them which room you are hiding in this is crucial, worst foods to order when you re gluten free thelist com - sushi might sound like a safe bet because rice is gluten free but slusarek points out two hidden gluten sources soy sauce and imitation crab, 11 signs you re a white witch soul and spirit - february issue on sale now supercharge your yearwith natalia botanicals this month when you subscribe to soul and spirit magazine, 5 things to do when you find out you re pregnant tommy s - 5 things to do when you find out you re pregnant just found out you re pregnant here are 5 things every mum to be should have on her to do list for a safe and, you re 16 you re a pedophile you don t want to hurt - adam is now 20 his name like those of other young men in this article has been changed he has a slightly chubby build and messy medium brown hair, where can you escape the harshest effects of climate - a satellite image of the arctic scientists say some cities will remain relatively safe places to live even as climate change causes sea levels to rise